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April 22 2022

6 Tips for Using Pots and Plants to the Fullest In Your Interior Designs

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Greenery is one of the easiest ways to add vibrance and excitement to your living space. Introducing some potted plants to your home can create a sense of comfort that few other decorations can match. While the plant life is often the show's star, it’s essential not to forget the other half of potted plants - pots.

plant design interiorWhile pots can become an afterthought when adding greenery to your home, taking your time to decide can go a long way. This blog will discuss 6 tips for plant pots that you can utilise to help make your spaces stand out.

1. Assess and Complement.

Assessing your space before going off and buying plants and pots is incredibly important. Selecting the correct greenery for you comes down to your existing design and taste. If your style is classic, perhaps terracotta pots are the way to go. If your space is minimal and clean, monotone plants in smooth paunch pots may be best. If your style is eccentric, using variegated plants in bright pots with unique shapes and textures and silhouettes such as ribbed pots and two-tone pots would be for you. 

The shape and colour of your plants also will determine certain aesthetics. Structured plants like the Traveller Palm pair well with clean, modern designs. While sprawling plants like Monsteras, Pothos, and Syngonium allow for a wild and eccentric look. Whatever you chose, your plants and planters should complement your personality.

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2. Create Contrast With Your Greenery

Your pots can do a lot to stand out, but it’s essential not to take away from making the greenery front and centre when choosing your plant pots, select colours and designs that create a clear contrast between the plant pot and the greenery you’ve used. 

For example, white pots do a fantastic job contrasting against simple greens such as Areca Palms, Fiddle leaf plants. Similarly, black pots can create a tremendous contrast if you have bright plants such as snake plants, and variegated rubber plants.

ocean grass in terracotta woven pot s

3. Bundling - Play with texture, color, shape, and height

A plant on its own can come off as a lonely afterthought and make the composition of the overall space seem off-balance. It can feel like you have a tree randomly growing in the middle of your living room rather than well-considered decorative pieces. 


In general, it’s recommended that you bunch up your potted plants in groups of three, each with a different sized pot of the same kind paired with unique greenery. This composition is similar to how plants will bunch up in the wild and outdoor gardens. Using the same banks helps your design match cleanly with your living spaces no matter what greenery you’ve used. Add style with patterns and interesting texturesPots can add visual interest to your overall design. Think about a ceramic glaze, terrazzo, woven, or rattan. Add stripes or textured ribbed patterns.

varigated pothos farm

5. Never underestimate the power of a statement plant.

When in doubt, go big! If your space allows, taking advantage of high ceilings, empty corners and open spaces and filling them with an oversized Ginkgo tree or Fiddle Leaf tree will draw the eye to that one focal point. Alternatively, a trio of large plants at staggered heights will create a statement piece and eliminate the need for dozens of houseplants.

Evergreen Walls Paunch Pot Cement Grey Large Medium-1

6. make sure your pots and plants are clean
Walking into a space with pots that look well worn and used can have its charms. However, it can also be a problematic aesthetic to balance. Without care, a dirty plant pot can create the sense that your plant isn't being cared for or that the rest of your home may be dirty also. Even textures built into the pot can give the wrong impression if they’re complex from a distance, making it look like there has been wear or dirt spills. 

In contrast, a clean white pot can demonstrate your care for your space to visitors. Similarly, you can use darker-coloured pots to hide any minor wear and dirt that you expect to affect your pots. 

white paunch pot bundle

How can I Find a Plant and Pot That Suits my Needs?

At Evergreen Walls, we offer a range of pot planters, plants, trees, and bushes. Our most popular Paunch pots come in three different colours from cement white, cement grey, and Black, you’ll be able to find the best-suited design to create lavish interior designs. Additionally, with three sizes available for each colour, you’ll be able to create exciting and natural bundles. Our newest range of smaller pots come in various shapes and sizes ranging from small pots suited for coffee tables to floor pots. These come in a variety of colours and textures, such as Woven Terracotta, Sage glaze, Black Terrazzo, Woven Rattan Baskets and more.

If you have any questions about our plants or pots, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d be happy to help.

Discover our range of Pots & Planters

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