May 16 2017

Create a Green Oasis for Your Next Event

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Evergreen Walls hanging wall gardenPlanning an event brings a lot of different challenges. Planning an outdoor event brings even more challenges, and many of them are unknown during the planning process. While you can’t predict the unknown, you can control the environment you create by planning ahead as much as possible. Greenery can be incorporated into any event, whether it’s outdoors or indoors. With the proper venue, simply adding a hanging wall garden can create a green oasis your guests will love. Here are some tips for incorporating the perfect amount of greenery for your next event.

Choose the Perfect Venue

Picking a venue with natural greenery will help your efforts in creating a green oasis for your event. Nothing compares to a naturally green venue that’s well-maintained. However, there are very few venues that are 100% perfect. Plus, you want to make the venue personalised to fit the needs of your guests. You could always add some outdoor artificial hedges to cover up some bare spots or to any areas needing a little boost.

Bring Greenery With You

Sometimes the perfect venue just doesn’t work out. Whether the venue doesn’t have enough natural greenery, or the weather doesn’t cooperate, you can always bring greenery with you. An artificial hedge wall or two won’t take long to install, and you’ll be sure to impress your guests. Even if you get rained out from your outdoor venue, there are still plenty of options to create a green oasis indoors. Incorporating a hanging wall garden in a few different places will go a long way in creating a relaxing environment.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Greenery

Aside from the aesthetic benefits of greenery, you can also take advantage of the other benefits it offers for your event. With the relaxing environment greenery naturally creates, you could play some soft music in the background to enhance the atmosphere even more. If you’re forced to hold your event indoors, an artificial hedge wall will absorb a lot of the noise and prevent your guests from being uncomfortable.

Evergreen Walls takes pride in being able to help event planners create the perfect events by incorporating different artificial greenery. Sometimes it just requires strategic planning and the right products to make your event a success. If you want to create a green oasis for your next event, start by contacting us.


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