October 03 2017

How to Design an Eye-Catching Trade Show Booth

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A successful trade show booth can help you to gain more clients, make more sales, and improve your branding. In fact, thousands of business deals are created at trade shows every year. Does that mean that every trade show booth has an equal chance of achieving an attractive ROI? Certainly not

In fact, trade show success depends a great deal on the way you design your booth. Studies show that opinions can be formed in just one tenth of a second, which is why first impressions are everything at trade shows. Most of this opinion-forming is related to design, so spending time and resources on your trade show booth design can make a big difference in your success. 

In this post, we’ll look at some effective design strategies for trade show booths. Whether you’re a trade show novice or a long-time connoisseur, new developments and innovations abound. Learning about the latest trends can help you to improve your trade show appearances. By creating a buzz at trade shows with your design, you’ll attract more attention and secure a better return on your investment. Let’s get started.



Make It Interactive

When the only thing to do at your booth is to stand and talk to an employee, many people will walk on by. This is especially true if the only employees at your booth are already talking to other people. 

Keep visitors at your booth by providing something interactive to do. This can be tricky with some businesses, especially if you don’t create tangible products and services, but every organisation can come up with an activity for trade show visitors to participate in.

For instance, you could include touch screens in your design that allow visitors to access information about the products and services that are most applicable to them. You could also include a hands-on display that demonstrates the usefulness of your products.


Create a Memory

By the end of a trade show, most people have walked by so many booths that they can hardly remember any of them with specificity. That’s why it’s so important to create an experience that will make your booth stand out from the crowd. 

Here’s an interesting example. A non-profit called Charity Water wanted to help conference visitors to understand the difficulties faced by villagers in developing nations in their quest to fetch water each day. So they created a booth inviting people to carry two 40-pound jugs of water across a long platform. This experience helps booth visitors to experience the organisation’s mission and goals in a real and personal way.

Is there anything you can do to help your booth visitors better understand your mission and what you’re trying to accomplish? Can you provide an experience that will help them to appreciate the value of your products and services?


Include a Green Wall

Does this scene sound familiar? You’re in a giant conference hall with fluorescent lights installed high above you. Booth after booth is decorated with sleek, glossy graphics, computer screens and slick surfaces. It’s loud and hectic, and you could really use a calm haven, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

New Call-to-action

By installing a green wall at your trade show booth, you can create a calm haven for attendees. A wall of beautiful greenery is a stark contrast to the glossy, graphic surfaces at every other booth. Its texture and colours attract eyes, and people are drawn to the nature that seems to be missing from most of the displays.

Not only are green walls attractive, but they’re also versatile and easy to transport. Since our green walls are created with lifelike artificial plants, you don’t have to worry about transporting drip systems or complicated scaffolding. They’re relatively lightweight, and you can design them in any shape or size you prefer.



Create a Natural Flow

As you design your eye-catching trade show booth, make sure you analyse a layout that flows naturally as visitors walk through it. Know your dimension limits, and consider what you want visitors to see first, second and last. 

Include an area where visitors could step aside to talk to staff members for a longer period of time if they’re interested in getting more information or want to take care of a transaction right then and there. 

Also, design an area for social media. You’ll get a larger ROI on your trade show experience if you can leverage it to create a social media buzz. If your trade show booth design showcases an area where visitors want to take pictures of themselves, your booth will show up on social media. Essentially, your visitors will be providing marketing for you.

Green walls make great selfie backgrounds, especially if you incorporate your logo into the design. For more information about how to personalise a green wall, get in touch with one of our experts.


Use Lighting to Your Advantage

As mentioned previously, the lighting in trade show halls is often fluorescent and far above you. Warm up your trade show booth by bringing in your own lighting. Multiple coloured lights can be distracting and tough on the eyes, so use it minimally.

Instead, keep your lighting simple and limit it to either cool or warm tones. You can use spotlights or can lights to highlight certain areas of your booth, and you can also create an overall bright appearance for your displays. Make sure your lighting won’t overheat the people who are working at or visiting the booth. Keeping them comfortable should be a high priority.

As you can see, there are many things you can do to create an eye-catching booth for your next trade show. By being strategic about your design, including hands-on experiences and doing something unique and different, you’ll attract more visitors and keep them there longer. 

For more information about how green walls, vertical gardens and moss walls can transform your booth design, get in touch with us at Evergreen Walls.


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