Oct 16 2021

How Do The Experts Add The Finishing Touches To Show Homes In 2020?

If you’ve ever visited a show home, you’ll know how impeccably appointed they are, with beautiful finishing touches; that in our own homes, we might never have even thought of. Show homes are the crème de la crème of beautiful homes, where the effort to beautify is central to selling. Read on to discover how you can utilise the tricks of the trade and perfect your place with renovations and adjustments that can overhaul its entire appearance.


Image Source: Mojo Homes

Don’t Disregard External Walls And Fences

If they’re visible from inside the home, they have the capability to completely transform the feel of a room. And when you’ve invested time, money, and effort into styling a beautiful living room, bathroom, or kitchen, the outlook is just as important as the interior.

If you’re living in suburbia, like 71% of Australians, chances are you can see your neighbours house and the wall that separates your land from theirs. Walls tend to be dreary and bland, whether they’re made from timber or concrete and can feel imposing when visible from inside your house. While they can’t be moved or forgone, their appearance can most definitely be changed! Show homes have been taking advantage of ingenious solutions to cover up unsightly views for years, and potentially the most affordable solution comes in the form of a green wall. Real green walls might pose a problem if the wall you’re trying to cover is too close to the house, restricting natural sunlight and providing undesirable growing conditions. However, artificial green walls are a complete and appropriate solution for all spaces and they don’t add to your already long list of home maintenance tasks - it’s a no-brainer!

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Flooring often gets overlooked as an important design element while homeowners or buyers pre-occupy themselves with major structural decisions. But flooring perhaps has the most significant ability of all to determine the mood and feel of a home, not to mention the upkeep. The early 2000s saw a considerable shift from floorboards to tiled floors in construction and design, providing a more manicured finish with the ability to create whatever look or colour scheme you can dream of. However, the trouble with tiles is they can date quickly and then leave your home needing a revamp sooner rather than later. Cue, the comeback of the floorboard in the most diverse fashion yet. Gone are the days where a beautiful timber floor came at the hefty price of maintenance and commitment to upkeep. There are so many new and advanced materials on the market that allow homeowners the beauty of timber in the convenience of a waterproof laminate or vinyl. Initially, these products might have looked unauthentic, but now they’ve been refined to perfectly mimic natural timber, even providing distressed and reclaimed textures to invoke a genuine experience.

Timber flooring is classic and pairs perfectly with all colour schemes and furnishings. It’s a favourite in modern display homes and for good reason.

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Image Source: Evergreen Walls


Splash-backs can come in all colours, finishes, and patterns, but some stand out more than others, and some just aren’t complemental to their surroundings. They can be a minor detail in the renovation or building of a kitchen after all other details have been decided; however they are pivotal in the overall appearance of the ‘heart of the house’. That’s why in show homes, only the best will do.

Again, the trick is to choose a material that won’t date quickly. In design, it’s often the case that natural elements hold their appeal for longer while bold patterns and bright colours, while initially effective, tend to go out of fashion quickly. Safe but effective splash-back choices include organic-looking mosaic tiles, marble look glass, solid stone, and window splash-backs. If you opt for a window splash-back, make sure the view is worthy. If it’s a fence or wall, dress it up with an artificial green wall - the result is a unique and vibrant outlook that you can enjoy while cooking and entertaining.

grohe_global_67641281_368401567172037_8246522249863262250_nImage Source: Grohe via https://www.grohe.com.au/en_au/  


Another minor but impactful element in your kitchen or bathroom is the faucet and mixers you opt for. We used to be restricted to stainless steel, simple taps, or even the fake plastic marble ones, but now trends are moving into a contemporary space with the rise of matte black fixtures and metallics. If you want to make a safe statement in your home design, now is the time. Faucets and fixtures are relatively cheap and easy to replace, so bold choices aren’t a pricey risk to take if they go out of fashion in a few years’ time. Grohe offers beautiful metallic gold, brass and brushed nickel mixers that would look charming against a natural timber bench-top or marble splash-back. Don’t underestimate the impact of your mixers and faucets - they can provide subtle character to a kitchen and make all the difference.

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Table Centrepieces

Fresh flowers can seem like a waste, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a centrepiece for your dining or coffee table that is economically friendly and doesn’t need replacing every week. Artificial flowers and greenery can be used in vases and give off the same captivating glamour that real flowers do. The impact a centrepiece can have in a home is exceptionally underrated. But when you think about every open home or display village you’ve ever visited, the experts who style these stunning residences always ensure there’s a centrepiece on the table.

Go one step further and invest in some glossy coffee-table books. There’s a vast emerging market full of differently themed coffee-table books ranging from iconic fashion and beauty concepts to surfing and landscape titles. They’re the perfect finishing touch to an empty tabletop.



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You can’t deny that almost every single time you’ve entered a display home, they’ve strategically hung large statement artworks on every large bare wall, and you’ve found yourself searching for the artist’s name to mimic the effect in your own home. It might not even be that you like the artwork itself, but the designers have done an incredible job at finding a piece that includes the exact shade of green that the beautiful plush couch is upholstered in.

The role of an interior stylist preparing a show home for inspection is to take it from a fresh new house and add homely touches, so the place lets off a soft and extremely liveable atmosphere, invoking feelings of new-home desire in the visitor. The artwork has a fantastic way of doing this. When sourcing art for your own home, there are a few key elements you should search for; 

- Keep it personal. There’s a good chance the existing elements of your home reflect your own values and your artwork should tie in with this. Unique pieces that represent your personality will likely suit your decorating style and bring happiness into your home.

- Choose artworks with similar shades to the existing colourings of your home. It doesn’t need to be the primary colourings of the artwork, but subtle hints to the colour of your couch or any feature walls look very powerful.

- Make sure the shape of the artwork matches the shape of the wall. Keep landscape artworks on large, flowing walls and portrait pieces on smaller wall spaces. There's nothing worse than a piece of art that looks like its been just carelessly slapped onto any old wall without it actually looking like it belongs there. 


Interior stylists are expensive and largely inaccessible for most homeowners, but that doesn’t mean you can’t replicate the perfection of a show home yourself. These affordable and straightforward adjustments can be made one at a time to revamp your space and bring that fresh home feel to your place. For any artificial greenery, head to our product page and feel free to get in touch with any questions you might have!

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