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October 01 2021

People & Plants - 6 things you need to know about green walls

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Six Awesome things you need to know about green walls and plants
In the corporate world, the need for new and interesting ways to motivate and inspire employees while increasing productivity never ends. Instead of spending countless dollars on methods that do not work, consider making some affordable and environmentally friendly changes such as green walls.

The Relationship between People and Plants
The planet is unique because of the existence of life and vegetation, forging the basis of a relationship between people and plants. For this relationship to exist, people and plants must have the ability to influence and interact with one another. In the information that follows, you will find six awesome reasons your office needs to invest in artificial green walls.

Design a Welcoming and Social Environment
Having an artificial green wall professionally installed will help create a welcoming entrance for clients, customers and employees. With green walls prominently positioned in your office lobby or entrance, your company appears more professional and people are less inconvenienced by a short wait. This is due to the fact that greenery is believed to relieve stress and promote peaceful social interactions.

Create an Environment that Inspires Creativity
Bare walls and stuffy rooms are not conducive to great thinking, but with the aesthetic addition of artificial garden walls, you may find that employees are more creative and inspired. Every company needs employees who are not afraid to think outside the box. Researchers believe creativity is inspired by the beauty of green walls and plants.

Chase Away Boredom and Increase Productivity
One of the biggest problems companies face when trying to increase productivity is that employees are often bored and do not feel challenged by their jobs. While green walls will likely not challenge your employees, you may find that their moods and energy levels are positively affected, as beauty and colour have been known to chase away boredom as well as depression.

Reduce Sick Days and Promote Mental Health
Artificial garden walls installed in your office will not chase away the flu or common cold, but they can have a positive effect on the mental health of your employees. If your office is densely populated, adding greenery to the space can reduce noise and minimize the stress your employees may be experiencing because they feel ‘crowded’. Employees feeling pressure due to performance expectations or approaching deadlines will often lash out, but with the installation of green walls, feelings of anxiety and anger can be drastically reduced.

Reduce Maintenance Costs
Covering a busy wall or space with artificial garden walls can add beauty and create a room that feels vibrant or lush, reducing the maintenance costs associated with painting and other repairs, not to mention the hourly rates paid to maintenance employees. Say goodbye to annual wallpapering and avoid expensive redecorating once the green walls are in place.

Increase Commercial Property Values
It goes without saying that adding lush beauty and vegetation has the ability to significantly increase property values for both residential and commercial buildings. This is not only because of the obvious radiance and charm that green walls provide, but also because of reduced heating and cooling costs.

These six reasons are just a few of the many benefits, as more and more designers, architects and landscape contractors turn to artificial garden walls to create spaces that inspire and invite. Whether you wish to improve an office, hotel, restaurant or retail space, green walls are both highly aesthetic and affordable.

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