March 16 2017

The History of Vertical Gardens

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Vertical gardens definitely aren’t new creations. Natural plants have existed on Earth since the beginning of time, but artificial plants haven’t been around for quite as long. Living walls were often used in architectural designs in ancient times. They have since evolved, and now an artificial vertical garden is what many people choose for their homes or offices. Here are a few points about the history of vertical gardens, so you can understand where the concept originated from.

The Babylonians Used Vertical Gardens

Have you ever heard of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? It’s one of the beautiful seven wonders of ancient architectural history. The plants used for the Hanging Gardens ranged from trees to stationary plants to running vines. They all combined to create one of the most magnificent sights you will ever see.

By the 1920s, designers were beginning to use plants more frequently in their designs. By the ‘80s and ‘90s, equipment existed specifically to help vertical gardens grow. These vertical gardens were used near building entrances, indoor and outdoor structures and virtually anywhere there was open space.

Evolution from Living Walls to Artificial Vertical Gardens

In today’s modern world, more people are turning to using a fake vertical wall garden instead of a living wall. There are many reasons for this evolution, but the main one is there is very little maintenance, and its appearance is just as aesthetically pleasing. Plant manufacturers have the modern equipment to make different plants look as natural as possible, and some people don’t even realize these vertical garden planters are artificial.

Advantages of Vertical Gardens

When you choose to install a fake vertical wall garden, you have many more options at your disposal in comparison to a living vertical wall. The reason is because you don’t have to worry about natural lighting, especially if you are decorating the indoors. An artificial vertical garden doesn’t need a light source, requires little to no maintenance and is much more cost effective than living walls. Plus, you can put them virtually anywhere in indoor or outdoor settings without having to worry about taking care of them.

You can create your own architectural masterpiece just like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon with a collection of artificial vertical garden planters. Be sure to contact us to help you get started on finding the perfect collection to suit your tastes.


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