Feb 09 2017

How to Care for Your Moss Wall

Evergreen Walls living wall garden

Your moss wall is probably one of the neatest decorations you have in your home or office. The best thing about it is you don’t have to worry about maintaining it frequently! Moss is perfect for your living wall garden, even if you have other live or artificial plants in other areas of the building. While you won’t have to spend a lot of time on your moss wall once it’s installed, just remember these tips for caring for it.

Giving Your Moss Light

While your moss wall looks and feels perfectly real, you may be surprised to learn it doesn’t need much care. Like an artificial indoor wall garden, your moss wall doesn’t need sunlight to thrive. This is because the moss your living wall garden is made from is preserved. Preserved moss is not technically alive, but is able to maintain its healthy looks thanks to careful treatments meant to conserve its original state. Of course, if you want to place it in the path of sunlight, that’s perfectly fine! You just want to be sure it doesn’t get too much direct sunlight throughout the day, because of the vibrancy this plant will lose as a result of too much light.

No Need to Water

Many people wonder how to care for an indoor living wall, especially when it comes to watering it. Preserved moss doesn’t need water, as its condition renders it maintenance-free. It will forever flourish all on its own, with little to no effort needed from you. All you have to do is hang it up and enjoy!

Maintenance Free Moss Walls

Having an indoor wall garden made of moss is almost like having an artificial one. You don’t have to water it, you never have to fertilize it and you won’t have to worry about moving it in and out of sunlight. Preserved moss also doesn’t grow, so the chances you’ll have to trim it back in the next 5-10 years are very slim.

Moss walls are the best way to incorporate an indoor living wall into your home or office. Be sure to contact us to get your moss wall started!

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