Feb 28 2017

How Are Artificial Green Walls Installed?

Evergreen Walls vertical green wall

Getting new decorations for your home or office is exciting. Getting an indoor green wall installed is even more exciting because of the immediate aesthetic enhancements it provides. However, one common theme among different types of furniture is how difficult they can be to install or assemble. That’s not the case with a vertical green wall! Most people are pleasantly surprised when they realise how simple it actually is to install them. Here is some more information about the installation of artificial green walls.

Professional Installation

If you aren’t very handy when it comes to hanging things on the wall, professional installation is available with every order through our company, if needed. When your green wall plants are delivered, a friendly professional can come into your home or office and quickly attach the panel to any wall you desire. You let them know where you want it, and it will be there before you know it.

What Materials Do They Attach To?

The great thing about an indoor green wall is it can be attached to virtually any wall surface. Whether your walls are made from timber, plasterboard or even concrete, you can easily install your artificial green wall. Of course, different hardware may be required depending on the surface. As a rule of thumb, if you can hang a picture on the surface, you can hang a vertical green wall panel.

Protection and Durability

Speaking of materials, our premium Evergreen panels are galvanised and powder coated to ensure they are protected and are durable enough to last for many years. Our everyday range are made entirely of plastic so can be cut to fit any size wall and are UV-rated for outdoors. Since a vertical green wall can be installed either indoors or outdoors, we take the materials used to construct them into heavy consideration. You can rest assured your artificial green wall is built to last once it’s installed.

There aren’t many things you have to worry about when you have an indoor green wall installed in your home or office. From ordering to installation to maintenance, we strive to make everything as easy as possible. Be sure to contact us for a professional installation or for tips on self-installation.

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