January 31 2017

The 5 Best Plants for Your Indoor Vertical Garden

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Deciding to have an indoor vertical garden is something you won’t regret. Whether you want a live garden or an artificial one, there are plenty of benefits to having each. But once you’ve made the decision, how do you know which plants to include? There are many different kinds of plants with aesthetic and health benefits for the indoors. Sometimes you just have to find the ones that are the most visually appealing. Here are five of the best plants to consider for your indoor wall garden.

1. Ficus Leaf

Ficus leaves make great plants for indoor vertical gardens. They have a shiny appearance and are suitable for use in areas that may get a high amount of UV rays. Plus, some of the plants in the ficus family have green and red leaves to add a little more appeal.

2. Laurel Leaf

Laurel leaves have a slightly smaller diameter, so it will make the garden look fuller. When you have the laurel leaf in your indoor vertical garden, you may want to consider using it outside as well. The good thing is the plant can easily survive in both environments!

3. Mixed Fern

Ferns are perfect plants to use on your artificial green wall in Australia. With so many different types of ferns, it can be hard to narrow down the perfect one. Combining a variety of types of fern on one wall can look very appealing to you and your guests.

4. Boxwood Leaf

Boxwood plants generally don’t have the reputation of being indoor plants, but when designed creatively, it can look great for your indoor wall garden. Even the artificial plants look so real, you probably won’t even know the difference once you have it installed.

5. Tropical Sensation

When you simply can’t decide which plants to use for your indoor garden, you can create a tropical sensation with a mixture of ferns, boxwoods, laurels, ficus and any other plants you choose. Sometimes a large mixture can be a little overwhelming, but when spaced out and placed strategically on the wall, you can create a very desirable and aesthetically pleasing indoor wall garden.

If you’re ready to create your very own indoor vertical garden, but don’t know where to start, be sure to contact us. We can make some of the best recommendations like these to fit your home or office perfectly.


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