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May 12 2021

Artificial Plants - 2021 Design Trends

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When it comes to artificial plants and greenery, the interior and exterior styling options are truly boundless. They are ideal for decorating any living space that feels cold, sterile or impersonal.

Unlike real plants, they don't require watering, sunlight, fertilisers, or attract any bugs and animals. Artificial greenery is perfect for those who lack a green thumb, have low-light areas, allergies, or simply have busy lifestyles.

Here are 10+ inspirational ideas for artificial greenery inside and outside.



1. Think Outside the Box

Designing on a budget? Green discs are the perfect statement piece that can be easily moved depending on which indoor or outdoor space is being used throughout the year. Simply hang it like a picture! 

*Pictured below is the Garden Green Disc - $180 per discSpring Greenery Disc

2. Go Upwards

Vertical green walls are great for areas that are relatively small or narrow. Creating a focal point in a room that draws the eyes up-ward will give off the effect that the room is larger than it is. 

*Pictured below is the Green Panel - $ per 90mmx90mm panel + added extrasEGW-Botany-3-2

3. Utilise Your Outdoor Space!

When it comes to outdoor styling many go straight to large, bulky, and often expensive pots. This can over-clutter smaller areas, block gorgeous views and become difficult to clean in and around. Artificial green walls allow you to take full advantage of your floor space without compromising on style and luxury. 

*Pictured below is the Evergreen Coastal - $130 per 1mx1m panel balcony greenery-min-min4. Beautify Your Backdrop

Many residential homes these days are built within close proximity to neighbouring buildings. This can create an eye-sore regardless of how beautiful your indoor spaces are. Instead of turning your room into a dungeon with curtains, beautify your backdrop with an artificial hedge. Doing so allows you to open up your spaces, create privacy and take full advantage of your space both inside and out.   

*pictured below is the UV-safe Boxwood Hedge - $85 per 1mx1m panel optimum property services residential job-minboxwood rooftop square5. Windows of Opportunity

Bring the outdoors in without compromising on your indoor space. Use boring fences to create gorgeous splashbacks that can be seen through windows within the home. Simply 

*Pictured below is the Evergreen Coastal - $130 1mx1m panel + added extras

External Green Wall Kitchen Splash backjpgevergreenwalls coastal vertical wall kitchen backsplash

6. Put it in Your Basket

Hanging greenery from different areas in the room can create a dynamic look to any space. A perfect option for those who like to rearrange the room on a regular basis and change styles. 

*Pictured is the Angel Vine Hanging Basket - $49 on sale with code 50OFFBASKETS

angel vine hanging basket bedroom

7. Feature Frame Walls

Choosing a section of a wall to feature greenery is the perfect budget-conscious option. Pair it with a white wall and you've got yourself a winner.

*pictured below is the Country Spring - $140 per 1mx1m panel


8. Build something out of nothing

Want to create a greenery feature without blocking out views or sunlight? Cable systems are a quick and effective option to create that wow factor.

*Pictured below is the green wall cable system - price dependentVine Cable Wall Arrangement 02

9. Tree for life

If you have large spaces to work with, consider using large potted plants and trees.

*Pictured is the Japanese Bamboo - $250japanese bamboo

10. Small Yet Powerful

Artificial Floral Arrangements are fast becoming popular amongst home owners. Traditionally you would need to replace real flowers once every week or - with an average bouquet costing $60 they can add up quickly throughout the year. If you choose your artificial florals carefully, they can last 5+ years, saving you thousands!

*pictured below is the Pink Flowering Eucalyptus - $416, 92cm tallfloral on table




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