Feb 14 2017

Vertical Moss Gardens are the Newest Design Trend

Evergreen Walls vertical plant wall

Many people view moss as being an ugly fungus that grows in some of the coldest and wettest cracks and small places on the ground. While those points aren’t entirely false, moss can actually be used as an attractive design element in homes or offices. If you’ve considered a vertical wall garden for your interior, give moss a good look. Not only does a moss garden have some great design benefits, but it is also good for the environment in your home or office. Continue reading to see why moss gardens are the latest design trend.

Low Maintenance and Cost

Moss doesn’t grow, so it won’t have to be trimmed back. It doesn’t need UV light or water to survive. The moss used in vertical garden planters is preserved, meaning while it is identical to naturally growing moss, it is no longer alive and will remain evergreen. When compared to any other vertical wall garden, moss gardens are significantly cheaper.

Visually Appealing Design

The vibrant green color of your moss garden isn’t difficult to achieve. You can even make it more vibrant by adding in the proper amount of light to highlight it. Many interior designers are moving more toward suggesting a vertical plant wall in some area of your home or office. They are also very versatile since they can be installed virtually anywhere.

A moss wall adds a certain amount of uniqueness that will make you feel like you’re a part of nature, even indoors. Plus it’s a great conversation piece when you have guests over!

Natural Benefits

The natural benefits of vertical garden planters are widely known, and moss gardens are no different. The moss wall will absorb any excess noise, which is especially beneficial in an office space.

Having a vertical plant wall made of moss may have sounded strange several years ago. However, it’s one of the newest design trends in homes and offices today. If you’re ready to get yours installed and reap all the visual and natural benefits of a moss wall garden, be sure to contact us.

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