June 27 2017

Summer Means Beautiful Green Outdoor Weddings

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Evergreen Walls artificial greenery panels

There are many reasons why summer is considered wedding season. The trees and grass are green and everything about the outdoors just makes you want to have an outdoor wedding. But even though the landscape may be naturally green, every bride and groom wants to add their own personal touch of greenery as well. Incorporating artificial greenery panels can add a little extra touch to any venue, and your guests may not even realise the panels are fake. Here are some other reasons why a summer green outdoor wedding is the best.

Combine Live With Artificial

The combination of live plants and artificial plants make for a unique decor. You can try out different outdoor artificial hedges and place them in bare spots that may just need a little something there. Depending on the setup of the venue, you may need to add your own backdrop as well. This is the perfect opportunity to use a faux hedge privacy screen. It will make for some of the most amazing pictures you’ve ever seen, and it can also be used for other purposes.

Floral Designs to Match Decor

You can’t forget about the flowers when you think about artificial greenery panels. With so many different colours of artificial flowers, you can make any panel, hedge, bouquet or anything else pop with colour. Mix and match different floral designs with the decor you choose. Chances are you can find the perfect complement to any decor you have, making the process much easier.

An Open Mind Can Create a Beautiful Green Wedding

When you have an open mind and think about all the possibilities of an outdoor green wedding, you truly can create a beautiful venue. Whether it’s artificial greenery panels, outdoor artificial hedges or anything else, you can be more creative with artificial greenery. When you purchase your artificial greenery from the best company, you will have a hard time believing the greenery is actually fake!

Evergreen Walls has helped numerous brides and grooms create the wedding decor of their dreams with our variety of artificial plant options. If you’re planning your outdoor wedding this summer and want to create the best experience for your family and guests, be sure to contact us today.


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