Apr 06 2017

Modern Architecture: Green is In

Evergreen Walls vertical garden planters

When designing and constructing new buildings, today’s architects have to determine what looks the most modern. However, due to the huge variety of designs and materials out there, “modern” architecture can be difficult to pin down. Some of these design features even include a living wall garden in certain indoor rooms or outdoor spaces!

One thing most people can agree on, whether they want to believe it or not, is that green is in. There are many different ways to go green in modern architecture today, and there are plenty of benefits to go along with them.

Eco-Friendly is the Way to Go

When you think about green buildings, you first probably think of how environmentally friendly the building is. That could entail energy-efficient lighting, heating and cooling, water-saving resources, alternate power sources and a lot of natural plants surrounding the building. You may even see an abundance of vertical garden planters around the perimeter of the building to give off an even more natural feel!

Modern and Sustainable

Architects today are challenged with not only designing modern buildings, but sustainable ones. Sustainability has many different forms, but by definition it just means the building is built to last through many different environmental and architectural changes.

Some sustainability features may include using a swimming pool as a holding tank for an irrigation system or even a living wall garden or two to create oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. These living wall gardens can also act as insulators and natural noise absorbers for buildings around busy streets or neighborhoods.

Indoor and Outdoor Possibilities

Whether you’re looking at an indoor living wall or different tanks to collect rainwater for use in other areas, going green is the best way to create modern and sustainable buildings today. There are so many different possibilities to create these types of buildings, and most of them don’t require as many resources or labor to install as other features do.

At Evergreen Walls, we do our best everyday to maintain products that are not only green, but modern and sustainable to fit in with newly designed buildings today. We would love to work with you on your next architectural design, so feel free to contact us at any time to see what we can offer and how we can help you.

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