Oct 16 2021

2017’s Hottest Home Decor Trends

Evergreen Walls artificial green wallNew home decor trends pop up every year. You may relate to some of them, and you may not understand why others are trending. Spring is the time of year when people generally look for different ways to incorporate new decor in their home. With Pantone’s Colour of the Year in 2017 being “greenery,” the obvious home decor trend this year utilizes literal greenery in some form. Whether it’s just a single plant or an entire artificial green wall, there are plenty of green home decor trends you can surely incorporate in your home.

Incorporate Greenery Creatively

Green is always in style, but especially in 2017. Many people choose to go with a vertical plant wall to brighten up some dark corners, while others choose to cover their entire wall with greenery. Either way is great! There are many different ways you can incorporate greenery into your home, and using artificial plants makes it even easier. You won’t have to worry about maintenance or keeping the plants alive, and they are easy to move to different rooms when you need a change of scenery.

Focus Walls

A nice focus wall is another new home decor trend emerging this year. This simply means you pick one wall in your home or room to be the centre focus. People sometimes choose to put a lot of pictures on their focus wall, crosses, paintings or other different ideas.

However, we suggest making an entire artificial green wall to be your focus wall. You can choose a variety of plants with different shaped leaves and colours to make it unique. Additionally, since the plants are fake, you can change them out with the seasons or whenever the mood strikes you!

Climbing Plants or Moss Walls

Vines, climbing plants and living moss walls are also becoming a trend. They are generally easy to maintain, so they are all popular options for new home decor. We don’t suggest climbing plants for your indoor green wall, however. If you want live plants, moss gardens are the way to go.

Climbing plants can definitely add some style to an outdoor wall. You could have an artificial green wall for your focus wall indoors and a living wall for your outdoor focus wall!

Simple Planters Make a Difference

When in doubt, keep it simple. Your vertical plant wall may have one or multiple plants, but you don’t want to overdo it. Greenery has a natural beauty of its own, so allow nature to do the work for you.

Evergreen Walls is your source for some of the best trendy home decor you can’t find anywhere else. When you’re ready to spruce up your home with one of 2017’s hottest decor trends, feel free to contact us at any time.

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