Oct 16 2021

Current Design Trend: Evergreen Moss Wall

Evergreen moss is arguably one of our most unique products, with all of the charm of a living product but none of the maintenance requirements.

For these reasons, it is currently one of the most trending interior design elements happening in the current industry and its versatile custom potential and multiple health benefits are creating high demand for Evergreen Moss.


Exotic Appeal

Often clients can be in favour of living products and plants, not fully understanding the maintenance required to keep these alive and looking great. The appeal of authentic plants is understandable but can also be outweighed by the dire need for convenience, especially in busy work places. Evergreen Moss maintains the exotic appeal of a living product as it is a slow growing reindeer moss that has been hand picked in the forests of Scandinavia and undergone a delicate preservation process. It grows white and once picked, we dye it three vibrant shades of green that are the perfect alternative when clients have originally requested a vertical garden. Its extremely rare to come across a design product with the allure of authentic nature but the practicality of an artificial product. Interior stylists, architects and builders alike are recognising these uncompromising values and therefore voted Evergreen Moss the People's Choice winner in the HIA Home Show by a community of over 1.5million Houzz users.

CBUS Adelaide Moss Project

Custom Potential

Evergreen Moss is lightweight and comes fitted to fire rated aluminium composite backing boards that can be trimmed to fit your space flawlessly. It looks incredibly effective when contrasting against natural timber or stone and can be slotted easily into your preferred space using adhesive or screws. 

Evergreen Moss can be further customised by fitting to curved walls. If you're looking to order Evergreen Moss for curved walls, be sure to get in touch with our team so we can customise your order. 


Sound Absorbing

Moss yet again proves its functionality with its potential to absorb sound and control sound reverberation. There is nothing worse than unwanted outdoor noises preventing yourself or employees from undertaking important work, and plants have been shown to reduce ambient noises by up to 5 decibels. More specifically, moss is organically an effective noise muffler and due to its porous fibres, can significantly reduce high pitched sounds.

Pair this with the ability to amp up the workplace efficiency (green has been proven to increase productivity) and you've got the most functional design solution on the market. Evergreen Moss is the perfect balance of design and functionality.

Moss2-720x742Health Benefits

If the design element wasn't already enough reason to consider Evergreen Moss, it also possesses many health benefits that are scarce among other decorative solutions. These include but are definitely not limited to:

  • Improved air quality: Pollutants stick to the moss and are then absorbed and turned by bacteria into the biomass of the moss.
  • Improved productivity: Green has been proven to have positive effects on workplace productivity. Other studies have found that participants perform better when surrounded by plants and flowers.
  • Reduced stress: a study performed by Dr. Virginia Lohr of Washington State University concluded that participants working in spaces where plants were present were found to be 12 percent less stressed than those working in stations without plants. 
  • Reduction in airborne dust: moss has been found to absorb harmful dust particles, decreasing dust in the air.
  • Reduced Carbon Dioxide: plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, helping air quality yet again. 

These scientifically proven health benefits are just the beginning. For more in-depth information, check out this article.

Racing Green Evergreen MossGreenery does a fantastic job at lifting the atmosphere in any space but a feature wall of vibrant green moss instantly adds the effect of a distant and exotic adventure. Create an air of ambience and breathe new life into dull spaces with the addition of an Evergreen Moss feature wall in your next design project. 






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