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October 19 2017

Australia's Best Reception Area Designs

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Your office reception area makes a statement. It’s the first impression clients and employees have of your organisation, and it sets the stage for their experiences within your office

The importance of creating a good first impression cannot be understated. That old saying is really true: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” And in business, these critical first impressions can have a profound effect on your bottom line.

In this post, we’ll look at some of Australia’s best reception area designs to give you some ideas about how you can upgrade your own reception area.


The EDG Forum

The EDG Forum Reception Design

Designed by Archer Office, EDG Forum takes what could be a very severe area and makes it playful, warm and inviting. Using the curved, bright benches, the designers create a seating area that invites conversation and community. The overhead lights mimic the curves below and soften the grey walls and floors.

If your reception area currently feels severe and uninviting, take some cues from this great example. You could bring in some colourful furniture and place it in a way that softens up a Spartan area. Consider using playful lighting as well. This year’s lighting designs introduce all kinds of new materials and shapes that we haven’t seen in the past. There are plenty of innovative options to choose from.




The Dropbox reception area feels like a cool apartment. It features a living area with a sectional sofa and throw pillows, a rug and coffee table, and even bookshelves with potted plants. A doorway leads to an area that looks like a dining area.

From the way the reception area is designed, visitors know immediately that they should make themselves as comfortable as they would if they were at home. This has obvious benefits. Clients and customers will enter meetings in a relaxed and informal way.

You can create a similar feeling in your own reception area by grouping furniture in a less formal way. Instead of placing chairs against the wall, group them facing one another, and place an area rug beneath them. Opt for reading lamps instead of overhead lighting, and add accessories you would normal find in a residential setting.


Arrow Energy Offices


The Arrow Energy offices in Brisbane combine several natural elements to create a sleek but earthy atmosphere. As you can see, the reception area features generous, asymmetrical spaces. Materials include marble, wood panelling and timbers, sleek tile and green walls. The lighting is discreet but bright enough to make the long stretches of tile floor shine.

You can mimic the design used for the Arrow Energy offices by using natural elements and colours. Earthy colours like beiges, browns, and greys are beautifully offset by greenery. You can install a living moss wall that not only looks beautiful but also cleans the air and reduces noise. These moss walls are lightweight and easy to install, and they’re also both fire safe and flameproof.


Australian FCG


If you’re looking to impress clients and employees as they walk into your place of business, consider creating a reception area like this one designed for Australian FCG. In this reception area, an impressive tile wall is flanked by two vertical gardens. While the design is simple, the results are compelling. The juxtaposition of the bright and slightly wild plants next to the urban-inspired wall make visitors stop and look.

You can create a similar vibe in your own reception room. Install panels of greenery beside panels of a completely different material. Panels of wood, tile, concrete and metal all create an interesting contrast to panels of plants. Experiment with types of plants as well. For a more sedate and conservative look, choose boxwood or laurel leaf plants for your foliage. If you’re looking for a more playful look, choose tropical plants like ferns and florals.


Your Reception Area

The first step toward re-creating your reception area is to look at what’s currently working. Perhaps you already have a layout you like or you love your current reception desk. Next, think about what kind of atmosphere you’d like to create. How do you want clients, customers and employees to feel when they walk through your doors? How can you create that feeling in your reception area? 

If you want the area to feel informal and comfortable, consider adding some of the elements featured in the Dropbox image above. If you’re aiming for an imposing and impressive reception area, consider creating a green wall with a logo. With careful planning and design, you can create a reception area that will give visitors a great first impression of your business.

For more information about green walls and moss walls, get in touch with us at Evergreen Walls.


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