Oct 16 2021

10 Simple Decorating Ideas for Your Garden Fence

A cleverly decorated garden fence can add charm and personality to your home and yard. We’ve put together 10 simple decorating ideas for your garden fence. Choose one of these ideas, or create a one-of-a-kind look by combining several ideas together. Most of these ideas are inexpensive and easy to execute, so have fun with them and get ready to create a comfortable, beautiful haven.

1. Birdhouses

Birdhouses are fun to make and easy to install on a garden fence. You could add birdhouses to the tops of your fence posts, or you could attach them directly to the face of your fence. You can paint your birdhouses in bright colours to add focal points to your garden, or you could keep them rustic-looking so they don’t detract from your plants and flowers.

Green Wall

2. Green Wall

If your garden could use some more vertical greenery, install a green wall on your fence. With an artificial garden wall, you can install greenery wherever you want without having to worry about damaging your fence with water or too much weight.

This can also be a great solution if your fencing is unsightly or if you want to create a beautiful backdrop for another element of your garden.

3. Window Frames

Old window frames can be repurposed to add a geometric, artistic element to your garden fence. Whether or not the frames still have glass panes in them, they can be mounted onto your garden fence at right angles or in any design you wish.  If you want your garden to appear larger than it is, put mirrors inside the window frames, and your plants and other scenery will be reflected back at visitors.

4. Signs

Hang signs on your fence to personalise your garden. You can purchase or create signs with inspirational quotes, sayings or personal identifiers. Welcome signs set a nice tone for a garden.

5. Stencilled Paint

If you’d like to add some artwork to your garden but you just don’t have the artistic skills, consider painting with stencils. You can use stencils to create words or letters, or you can make borders, pictures or even murals.

6. Lanterns

Hang lanterns from your garden fence to create a romantic feel at night. You can simply install metal hooks on the fence and then hang the lanterns from the hooks. If you don’t have any lanterns, create inexpensive ones from mason jars and floral wire. You can put candles inside the jars or fill them with LED tea lights.

7. Container Garden

Window boxes look beautiful on the facades of houses, but you can also install them on your garden fence. Make sure your fence has adequate support, and consider how your plants will drain; you don’t want to cause rotting beneath the window boxes.

8. Finials

If your garden fence looks boring, consider adding some finials to the posts. You can find decorative finials at most hardware stores, or you can order them online. Some finials come with solar panels so they can light up at night, adding a new dimension to your garden.

9. Decorative Plates

It’s easy to find inexpensive dinner plates at garage sales or consignment stores. Use those mismatched plates to make an interesting display on your garden fence. This is especially attractive on a lattice fence as it adds round shapes to an otherwise angular fence.

10. Chalkboard

Install a chalkboard on your garden fence to give children another activity or to announce the menu for your barbecue or the outdoor movie of the night. You can create a chalkboard by spraying a flat board with chalkboard paint. Include a covered hanging container for your chalk and eraser.

For more information about installing a green wall on your garden fence, get in touch with us at Evergreen Walls. We look forward to helping you!

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