Oct 16 2021

10 Garden Plants Australian Backyards Love

It’s extremely frustrating to purchase beautiful plants you love, take them home, plant them, water them, and then watch them wither and struggle to survive. This experience has led more than one Aussie to feel that they just don’t have what it takes to be successful gardeners. But more often than not, it’s not the gardener who is the problem; it’s the plants

Some plants thrive very well in Australian backyards, and others do not. If you choose plants that naturally do well in your climate and soil, your job will be much easier (and your self-esteem just might be healthier as well).

In this post, we’ll look at 10 garden plants that Australian backyards just love. Let’s get started!


1. Little Ruby™

This is a great little plant that can be used as a ground cover or hedge. It gives your backyard a splash of colour, and it’s very easy to care for. It will even tolerate cold temperatures without having to be covered.

Little Ruby™ prefers humidity, and it will grow beautifully in pots and containers or right in the ground. If your backyard could use an accent of ruby red colour, this might be the plant for you.


2. Snowy River Wattle

Native to Victoria and New South Wales, Snowy River Wattle grows up to 4 metres high. You can trim it back to be a hedge or let it grow like a tree. Its bright yellow flowers appear between August and October, and it’s moderately weather hardy.


3. Grey Box™

In 2015, Grey Box™ was named Nursery and Garden Industry Australia (NGIA) Plant of the Year because it’s so versatile, lovely and easy to grow. It’s easy to confuse Grey Box™ with the Grey Box eucalyptus tree, but this is a very different plant. It can be used as a hedge or even as a ground cover. While it loves full sun, it will also thrive in partial shade, so you can use Grey Box™ in various parts of your garden.

4. Bournda Beauty Wax Flower

If you need a colourful hedge or border plant in your backyard, consider Bournda Beauty Wax Flower. It does just fine with hot overhead sun and tolerates drought well. The flowers are white and pink, and its evergreen leaves look great year round.

5. Better John™

This shrub will grow up to a metre in height, so it’s perfect for giving your garden some dimension and visual interest. It also produces red flowers in the springtime and will grow in both full sun and semi-shady places. Better John™ thrives in many different climates, including temperate, arid and subtropical areas.

6. Aussie Rambler™

Native to Australia, the Aussie Rambler colourful succulent makes a great groundcover and produces showy flowers in both spring and autumn. You can plant it in sun or shade, and each individual plant will spread up to 2 metres wide, giving you plenty of coverage.

7. Pinnacle™

Pinnacle™ trees work well in small backyards or areas in which you need a little variety. These are very narrow, compact dense trees, so they’re perfect along fences and driveways. They prefer moist, well-drained soil, but they’ll tolerate full sun or part shade.

8. TeaTrees

Native to the eastern coast of Australia, teatrees grow to an average of 3 metres in height. Early Australian settlers used the leaves of some species for making tea, and that’s how they got their name. If you like teatrees, you’ll have plenty of options, as there are about 83 species of teatrees in Australia. These dense, hardy trees grow white and pink flowers in spring and flower. If you enjoy having fresh cut flowers for your house, plant a teatree in your backyard.

9. Evergreen Baby™

With its showy shape and interesting foliage, Evergreen Baby™ can play many different roles in your landscaping. You can use it as a mass planting, a border for your garden or even as a feature plant. It will tolerate many kinds of soil, from sandy loam to heavy clay, and it grows well in full sun to part shade.

10. Little Phil™

Perfect on green walls or in shady areas, Little Phil™ doesn’t like full sun. It has a nice, compact form, so it’s suitable for areas in which you don’t want plants to spread out and take over. It won’t get taller than 35cm high. It prefers reasonably drained soil and needs some organic matter to keep it healthy. 

If you’re looking for a green wall feature that stays thriving all year round, get in touch with us at Evergreen Walls, or explore our range of artificial green walls today.

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