March 21 2018

10 Affordable and Attractive Wedding Flowers

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Decking out a wedding reception with real plants and floral arrangements can cost a fortune. With so many other expenses to cover for a wedding, it’s helpful when you can find less expensive alternatives

The following plants are lower in cost than some of the traditional wedding flowers and plants, and some of them can even be converted into decor for your home after the wedding is all over.


1. Hydrangeas

Since hydrangeas have such a huge flower, it only takes a few of them to fill a vase. When you can get away with purchasing fewer flower stems, your overall costs are lower. Hydrangeas are also a good choice for a wedding because they come in a variety of soft, elegant colours. The downside is that they are very sensitive once they’re cut. You’ll want to cut the stems at a steep angle, and if they start to wilt, submerge them in water to freshen them up.


2. Daisies

On the other hand, daisies are hardy and resilient. They have a long shelf life, even after they’re cut, and they make great filler flowers to bring other arrangements to life and give them fullness. Daisies can also be used on their own in sprays. 


3. Solidago

Solidago is another great filler. It’s technically a wildflower, but the flowers are so tiny that it can be used more like you’d use greenery. If you have a few expensive flowers, use solidago as a filler to give the arrangement more volume on the cheap.


4. Alstroemeria

Also known as the Peruvian lily, Alstroemeria comes in a variety of colours, so you’ll probably be able to find it in shades that match your chosen wedding theme. These flowers are also symbolic of prosperity, fortune and friendship, perfect for a wedding day. They’re generally less expensive than many other flowers that are commonly used at weddings.


5. Carnations

Carnations don’t have the best reputation as an attractive and elegant option, but they are a perfect filler for wedding arrangements. Use them in table centerpieces, bouquets, sprays and garlands. Their blossoms recede to the back, allowing showier flowers to have their day in the sun.


6. Baby’s Breath

This traditional wedding flower is hardy and bulky, so it’s perfect for people who are trying to stretch their wedding flower budget. They’re great in vases and baskets, and they’re very inexpensive.


7. Lemon Leaf

Most couples are shocked to find that greenery can be as expensive as the flowers themselves. That’s where lemon leaf comes in. It’s a cost-effective filler, and it has a lovely deep shade of green, which adds a romantic feel to wedding floral arrangements.


8. Blue Thistle

Although it’s making an appearance in many high-end weddings, blue thistle is surprisingly affordable. Unlike many traditional wedding flowers, blue thistle has a wild, almost weedy look. If you’re looking for something unusual and eye-catching, consider using this attractive option.


9. Begonia

Begonias look as if they’d be as delicate as hydrangeas, but they’re actually quite hardy. One of their most interesting features is that they root quite readily, so if you want to, you could turn flowers from your wedding bouquet into a house plant for later on.



10. Evergreen Moss

Imported natural moss can be dyed to various colours, making it a versatile material for wedding decorations. You can also re-use your evergreen moss panels in your home after the wedding is over. Moss comes in lightweight panels that can be glued or screwed to any wall; they make a stunning backdrop for wedding pictures. 


Artificial Flowers and Greenery

One of the most frustrating things about spending a lot of money on wedding flowers is that you don’t have anything to show for it after the wedding is over. Wedding flowers don’t last long.

But when you use artificial flowers and greenery, you can re-use your purchase in another way. For instance, you could use your Fern Spring Vertical Garden in your home after it has served its purpose at your wedding. You’ll remember your lovely wedding every time you look at it, and you’ll have instant, luxury decor for your new home. 

For more information about our artificial plant products, get in touch with us at Evergreen Walls. We look forward to helping you with your special day. 


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