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Evergreen Environmental Plan

At Evergreen Walls, we recognise some of the biggest threats facing our planet and endeavour to find new and unique ways of overcoming those issues. Looking for innovative techniques to use renewed and recycled materials, creating more from less, and continually put our products under the microscope to identify new opportunities we can be more sustainable, every day.

We encourage our customers, suppliers and business associates to do the same. Not only is it sound commercial sense for all; it is also a matter of delivering on our duty of care for future generations.


We take great thought into the way we work, from how we choose materials, to how we design, produce, transport, sell, and what happens to our products at the end of their life cycle. That’s why we have these evergreen environment plans in place.

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Our Path to Zero

Carbon offset for a greener future

In 2019, we enlisted the support of Path Zero to help take the necessary steps to become a carbon neutral company. Since then we've made conscious changes to our operations to lower our carbon footprint. In efforts to create a greener future, We've also partnered with South Pole to launch a Biodiversity Conservation Project in the Coorong National Park and Lakes Alexandria and Albert. Creating people partnerships with the local community, the Traditional Custodians, and non-indigenous Australians to ensure permanent protection for a regionally and culturally important pocket of biodiversity-rich land. Fast-forward to 2021 the community has planted over 30 species of vegetation, built fencing, and facilitated pest and weed control - revitalising the area and its ecosystems back to its natural prosperity.


Timeless Design & Durability

Built for the Australian sun, designed to stand the test of time.

Creating products that were durable under the Australian sun was something that hit home for us when establishing Evergreen Walls back in 2015. We wanted to produce something that enabled our clients to easily obtain, care for, and enjoy without having to worry about the life span of our products. We have successfully created a range of modular products that can be mixed and matched for a timeless look that lasts.

We take great pride in ensuring our customers are happy with our products. Since establishing Evergreen Walls, we've sold over 500,000 square meters of green wall panels and not a single greenery product has been reported to have faded in colour, cracked or broken.

Evergreen Walls aims to produce 100% circular products by 2025.



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The Comparison

Artificial vs Living

Nothing compares to living plants in the natural world, however, we do know it can be challenging for plants to thrive in unconventional environments. They need nutrients from the ground, sun and rain, when that natural process is interrupted it’s difficult for plants to thrive, making it a costly exercise. 

Living Green Walls need approximately 25kgs of steel framing per m2 which requires 47.5kgs of CO2 to produce. They need 5kgs of plastic pots per m2 (+30kgs of C02), 2kgs of plastic piping for irrigation per m2 (12kgs of C02), and 10kgs of soil per m2 including 20+ plants. In order to keep plants healthy you must fertilise and water regularly and provide adequate sunlight every day. Often resulting in the installation of UV lights. 

Our Artificial Green Walls are made from plastic, however, do not require irrigation piping, pots, or bulky steel framing. They have no harmful chemicals  •No Mercury •No Polybrominated Biphenyls •No Polybrominated Diphenyether •No Hexavalent Chromium •No Cadmium •No Lead and are 100% recyclable. Our Premium Green Walls also have a Group 2 Fire Rating meaning they are non-combustable and can be used internationally. No other Artificial Greenery product on the market in Australia has this certification.

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How We Operate, Deliver & Install

A greener environment

Our operations are based in Sydney's Nothern Beaches. All our employees live locally and carpool or walk to work. Our office space is modest in size ensuring we only use what we need. In our factory we reuse wooden pallets and store our products in 100% compostable wrap. We also use 100% compostable tape and labels.

For deliveries we use biodegradable, 100% compostable satchels for our smaller product. These satchels are certified home compostable AS5810-2010 which means our customers can put them straight into their own garden compost or worm farm. Our larger products are sent in cardboard boxes which can be recycled.

When we install green walls we ensure we make the minimum amount of cuts to reduce wastage. Whatever wastage is left over, it's returned with the cardboard boxes and recycled back at our headquarters.




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Recycling program

Circular mindset

All of our products have been carefully designed and manufactured with sustainability in mind. We ensure all our products are of the highest quality and won't fade or crack over time. If in many years the decision is made to remove the green wall, simply contact Evergreen Walls and we can collect it and recycle the materials into new products.

Contact us for more information on our recycling and plastic waste plan info@evergreenwalls.com.au

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Red cycling

Evolving Evergreen products

In 2020 we teamed up with a recycling company to develop new products from old plastics in an effort to recreate new products from discarded materials. We have officially released our first product - The Evergreen Greener Disc.

The disc itself is made up of 1000's of pieces from plastic bags, wrappers, satchels, and more. We are also working to create other Evergreen products using Red Cycle. 

Red cycle disc

Our future plans

An Evergreen Future

We aim to have 100% of our Evergreen products manufactured in Sydney, Australia by end of financial year 2028. Having our headquarters even closer to our factory means reducing our carbon footprint even further by cutting down on transportation, reducing wastage, recycling more, and improving customer support. This will also mean more jobs for the local community and even faster lead times for our customers.

We have plans in place to replace our work vehicles with electric cars in the same year, further reducing our carbon footprint.

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